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She must have read my mind when I noticed how wet her fingers were, because she pulled her hand away and held it out to me. Without stopping the way I was jacking myself, I got down on my knees next to the bed and pulled her fingers to my nose.

No more than two minutes later, you went in there. One thing I really loved about Kelly was that she was incredibly carelessness with her Schwarz Amateur Paar Am Strand. But, it's time for you to pay me back, and if you don't, I promise you'll never see me naked again and you'll never get another pair of my panties as long as I live.

Kelly, seeing that I was about to take Wet Light Blue Panty pants off, adjusted the way she was sitting so that she was half laying down on her side with one of her knees bent way up. That's really, really nasty.

String in my Pussy. When I started to get up from her bed, she took a few steps and stood in front of me. Even as I stood there in front of my sister, about to unfasten my jeans and step out of them, I could still remember how good her panties smelled. Her nipples were poking out from under her shirt and I could easily see the bulk of her breasts straining against the thin t-shirt material.

And, don't leave anything out. These exact same ones, Kyle, the ones I'm wearing now.

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She wore the skimpiest outfits around me, and it was unbelievably easy to catch her dressing and undressing behind her almost closed door. Again, she pulled her night shirt up, this time almost to the bottom of her Nahaufnahme Große Cameltoe and then she lewdly thrust her pelvis out at me.

You can look as much as you want. I've got something to talk to you about. When my shirt was off, Kelly held her hand out and asked me to give it to her.

I looked down at them while I peed, and I remember smiling to myself -- thinking what a nice home coming present my sister left me.

I leave my bedroom door cracked open so you can peek in and watch me get dressed and undressed. Chuckling to myself, I stuffed them in my pocket not even the slightest bit concerned that Kelly might miss them. She'd leave them in the bathroom or in plain sight on the floor of her bed room, just begging me to inspect and examine them closely. Why do you think I've been teasing you so long - letting you peek at me and steal my panties?

I shaved it up Wet Light Blue Panty morning just for you, Kyle. String in the pussy.

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Are you interested in that? She was completely oblivious to the incredible shows she'd been giving me for the last three years, and I'd even stroked myself numerous times standing out in the hallway outside her door after Mom and Dad had gone to bed, watching her undress -- even seeing her touch herself one night after a late night shower.

I don't mind if you look.

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Peeking at my sister, stealing, sniffing and sucking on her panties was one thing. You don't know how long I've waited for this. Besides, I didn't need to stare - I'd seen her naked enough times to know exactly what she looked like underneath the shirt. Kelly edged her hands down to the waistband of her panties and started to push them down. With String Waxed orgasm!

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