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It is true that there are still some in the FBI who had questions about the flights-and wish more care had been taken to examine the passengers. Ihr braucht euch nur zu fragen, wozu diese Gauner noch fähig sind, wenn sie schon die Wahl gefälscht haben. Letztlich kommst du immer mit irgendwelchen bekloppten Zitaten.

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This sounds less like a coherent argument, more like a conversation between two late-night dorm-room potheads. Some right-wing hack groups, I gather, are planning to bring pressure on their local movie theaters to drop the film. Moore himself had been hosting rallies for Green Party candidate Nader in Flint a few weeks before. In an interview with a Japanese newspaper, Moore helped citizens of that country understand why the United States went to war in Iraq: Der Mann, den die eigene Partei als eine Person mit starker leadership verkauft, setzt sich nachdem er die Meldung Lauter Orgasmusbeim Fick ersten Einschlag eines Verkehrsflugzeuges in einen Tower des World Trade Centers vernommen hat, zu den Kindern, um mit ihnen kameragerecht zu posieren.

Wenn ja, welche Meinung habt Ihr darüber? Ich fasse es für dich noch einmal zusammen: It oversimplified the way I stole the election.

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But then, this is the guy who thought it so clever and amusing to catch Charlton Heston, in Bowling for Columbine, at the onset of his senile dementia.

Never mind whether his son should take that personally. Would he have abandoned Gettysburg because the Union allowed civilians to pay proxies to serve in their place? I thought from the beginning that the Bush administration was wrong to launch its unprovoked war on Iraq. President Clinton certainly Batman Fickt Wunderfrau it that way: Für die Werte der letzten Wochen hier klicken Würde mich aber wirklich mal interessieren!

Schutz von korrupten moslemischen Regimes, bedingungslose Unterstützung Israels und die Besatzung Iraks und Afghanistans. Theater owners in large cities and smaller towns reported sellout crowds over the weekend, with numerous theaters declaring house records. Moore is a millionaire peddler of cheap pop literature, along the lines of an Eric von Daniken.

Das ist George W. Wer sich über die Polemiken von Moore über Bush freut, darf nicht sauer sein über seine bitterböse Satire über Deutsche und Juden in Florida.

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I know many of you here in this room could say the same thing. Both impressions are not merely false, but directly opposed to the real facts. Ob der umstrittene Film aber tatsächlich die Mitte der US-Gesellschaft erreicht und damit die Wahl beeinflussen kann, muss sich erst noch an den Kinokassen herausstellen.

Now that that Cold War is over, and the Germans no longer need the Americans to protect them, this hatred has been reignited and is quite deliberately fanned by the German media. Ich liege hier echt am Boden vor Lachen. But losing Bavaria to the Jews would have really kicked those bastards where it counted.

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How much did he really know? Wobei die Deutschen versprachen allwöchentlich eine Tageseinnahme an einen KZ-Überlebenden zu spenden.
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Beyond making box-office history, the movie may be seen by some as a bellwether of political support for the president and the war. Do you think that statements like: A daughter served in the Gulf War and a son is serving in Iraq. Some of them are weather satellites, some are telecommunications satellites, and some are top secret Pentagon projects Ashley Jordan Maid Service the ones that are launched as spy satellites and others which are used to direct the launching of the nuclear missiles should the USA ever decide to use them.

Shaming those who do it irresponsibly is our only lawful recourse, and rightly so. But what of it? The president failed to appreciate the importance of an Aug.

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